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Our Products

Network & Server Cabinets

  • 19" Racks - Wall Mounting
  • 19" Racks - Free Standing
  • 19" Racks - Premium

Cable Management Products

  • Cable Trays
  • Cable Ladders
  • Cable Trunkings
  • Floor Trunkings
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Data Communication Products

  • Cables
  • Patch Panels
  • Wall Outlets
  • Patch Cords
  • Ethernet Switches
  • Raised Floor Systems

Telecom Products

  • Wall Outlets
  • Telephone Accessories
  • Telephone DBs
  • Telephones
  • Telephone Cables

Electrical Enclosures

  • Wall Mounting Enclosures
  • Distribution Boards
  • Free Standing Panels
  • Feeder Pillars
  • Custom Designs

Solar Products

  • Solar Panels
  • Inverters
  • Solar Cables & Accessories
  • Battery Cabinets
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About Us

Future Corporation (Pvt) Ltd has been incorporated as a limited liability company in Sri Lanka since 2007. Since then, Future Corporation (Pvt) Ltd has commenced operations to provide services to private, public, and corporate sectors.

Our head office and showroom are located at No. 08, De Vos Avenue, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka, and the manufacturing plant and main warehouse are situated in Homagama, Sri Lanka.

Future Corporation (Pvt) Ltd specializes in the manufacture and supply of 19" Server Racks, Cable Management Systems, Health Service Products, and import and distribution of total range of Network and Telecommunication products, as well as Solar PV solutions.

The objective of Future Corporation (Pvt) Ltd is to manufacture and supply high-quality products to the ICT and electrical sectors.

We anticipate expanding our product range to meet both current and future requirements, ensuring that Future Corporation (Pvt) Ltd truly delivers
'The Products You Need Tomorrow'.

Products manufactured at our production facility

We manufacture range of products at our manfacturng facilty


19" Racks - Wall Mounting

Metalia - Wall Mounting 19' Rack Series.
3U - 21U

19" Rack - Premium Wall Mounting

Metalia Premium Wall Mounting Series.

19" Rack - Wall Mounting

ARK - Wall Mounting 19' Rack Series.
3U - 21U

19" Rack - Free Standing

Metalia - Free Standing 19' Rack Series.
16U - 48U

Cable Trays

SMART - Cable Tray Series. For Predefined Sizes & Customized Sizes

Cable Ladders

SMART - Cable Ladder Series. For Predefined Sizes & Customized Sizes

Cable Trunking

SMART - Cable Trunking Series. For Predefined Sizes & Customized Sizes

Floor Trunking

SMART - Floor Trunking Series. For Predefined Sizes & Customized Sizes

Wall Mounting Enclosures

Wide range of Wall Mounting Enclosure Series including base, door & mounting plate.

Distribution Boards

Heavy duty & light duty Row Box Series in flush & surface types.

Free Standing Panels

Wall Mounting Enclosure Series including Base, Door, Mounting plate, Cover Plate & Plinth.

Feeder Pillars

Suitable for outdoor environment.

Our Innovations

Health Services Products

  • Hospital Beds
  • Home care Beds

Hospital Beds

Home Care Beds

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